The Emerging Wellness Industry

Yes, folks there in such a thing called the Wellness Industry where the prevention of acute and chronic conditions is the primary focus. Why not there is a disease industry that is alive and well thanks to the U.S. medical philosophy. They are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. One teaches you how to stay healthy and feel good. The other looks for signs of dysfunction and illness. The prevention of acute and chronic conditions depends on the wellness industry.

This culture predominantly peruses the disease mentality. Everything has a name and label and you must treat it with pharmaceuticals and or surgery. Our healthcare professionals are not up to the task of creating wellness. Again, the primary prevention of acute and chronic conditions is your responsibility. The focus of the medical community is to eliminate symptoms by cutting, burning, and pharmaceutically engineering a symptom to retreat.

The wellness industry which is rapidly reaching a trillion dollars a year in revenue is primary a lifestyle recognizing business. In this I mean for them a common denominator of health dysfunction is actually a result of poor lifestyle choices. They have their work cut out for them, with intensive same-crop farming, green harvesting, genetic modification, and a whole industry built on the manufacturing of synthetic food the nutrient content of food is being depleted. Adding back synthetic vitamins and minerals to lifeless food does not make it life giving.

Some studies show up to a 40% loss of different vitamins and minerals with the soil depletion and modern farming practices. Food has to travel long distance before reaching the produce section of the supper market. It is picked before it ripens so besides losing nutrients it looses flavor. When fruit taste like cardboard it looses its appeal. There is no shortage of synthetic versions of almost any food. These inexpensive standardized food products do not have bioavailability sources of phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, or enzymes.

That is one reason that research says some vitamins may not do what they are suppose to do. They are usually synthetic and they are taken out of content. When you eat a whole food everything is there you need to utilize everything in the correct order. The gap between the nutritionally beneficial complexes found in whole food and those that are synthetic is actual a very real phenomenal. That really sums up the difference in thinking between the medical community and the wellness movement.

The medical community has the notion that synthetic drugs can correct the bodies function. The body can not and does not recognize these powerful synthetic substances. So all they can do is beat the body into temporary submission. What happens to diabetics is after awhile the body produces less and less insulin because it thinks it does not have to it is being done for it. This is what basically occurs with type 2 diabetes.