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Remind health: men over 40 in the mirror to see themselves - men health, health - Food Industry   by hi joiney

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40 years old, is a very important phase of life man. This stage most of the men have elderly parents to care is the backbone of the family, career is in a life time of Dengfeng.

40-year-old man despite the pressure is not small, but life may be more advantageous. Walking to cars, elevator upstairs do it, much less exercise, therefore, obesity has become a lot of people trouble.

40-year-old man, with the older, many diseases are quietly coming, such as spinal disorders, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, are eating away the health and life of men.

Director of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Xiu-Hua Chen, MD, recommended that the love of other women in the mirror is just a patent, many men might look at themselves in a mirror, to see whether it has highlighted "the general belly" or "belt she getting wide", and always found early health warning signs. If large changes in a short time, do not underestimate.

Men over 40 in the mirror to see themselves

See his face Change a person's health will be reflected in the face. Xiu-hua said that the Board consider a healthy complexion is a "red, yellow, faint, Ming Yun-subtle", and his face is red, yellow, the color, hidden within the skin, shiny bright moist. This is the spirit of healthy and vigorous body, blood enough, the performance of organs functioning properly. But also because of age, physical, genetic, occupational, sun exposure and other factors there are differences. If you face a greater change and peace, ruled out the normal external influence factors, we must consider the possibility of disease or sub-health.

Face yellow Yellowish or sallow face are from the spleen and stomach. The spleen and stomach health movement, the strong blood, skin soft and smooth; spleen and stomach can not digest food very well, blood biochemical, then the minimalist pale or sallow complexion, which constitution is phlegm.

Proposed : Eat less Feigan thick greasy, cold moisture of the product. Can eat more Chixiaodou, lentils, broad beans, Peanut Such as food, can also be used glutinous rice porridge in the Diet to yam nursed back to health.

Turning blue Color green more because of gas machine is not adjusted, poor blood, blood stasis in the face. Chinese medicine, the liver can regulate blood flow and regulate the flow of qi body, so that blood peaceful. The blood loss and liver qi stagnation, looking young. This constitution mostly Qi Yu quality, congestion quality.

Proposed : Gas can be more rational utensils Jieyu, spleen and stomach function in foods such as barley, mushrooms, bitter melon. Eat less convergence sour things such as ebony, pickles, lemon, etc., so as not to block air machine. Can not eat more frozen food.

Black face Face Diablo mostly kidney. Kidney essence filling, kidney strong, the five internal organs working normally, blood strong, looks not bad. Virtual kidney failure, and make them face the dark, gray beard, teeth shaking pleasure, premature aging. Physical characteristics are mostly yin deficiency or intrinsic quality.

Proposed : Note that the essence of its own gas-solid protection, you can eat plenty of nourishing yin foods, such as Sesame, Glutinous rice, mung bean, squid, and fruit. Jichi spicy irritation, stir fried food and so on.

Pale Pale mostly qi, yang is more. Long time, if the abnormal lung function, then dry skin, gaunt and his face and hands white. Yang weak body can not moist skin, can lead to pale. Mostly qualitative or physical deficiency of yang.

Proposed : Qi deficiency spleen qi can eat more nutritious easy to digest food, or use qi herbs to restore his health, such as millet, rice, tofu. Yang quality of those products should Eat less fatty cold, summer is no exception; appropriate yang yang eat some food, such as lamb, leek, fennel, etc..