Public Health Masters

This article has been drafted to give an overview of the University of Southampton's public health masters degree, also known as MSc public health practice.

The University of Southampton's public health masters degree has been designed to develop your knowledge and skills to lead and provide evidence-based public health practice at individual, community and population levels.

Public health issues are at the forefront of tackling the broad range of factors that influence general health and lead to health inequalities.

This programme aims to provide you with the knowledge, skills and understanding to analyse and improve population health. For example, this could be through developing systems or projects to address health determinants; helping people to improve their own health and ensuring that health services improve health.

There are two pathways within the MSc public health masters degree programme: the generic pathway and the specialist pathway. Both of these pathways are offered on a full-time and part-time basis.

This course is sometimes referred to as a ˜health visitor's degree' because that is a likely career for a graduate who has undertaken the specialist pathway.

As a student at the University of Southampton's Faculty of Health Sciences you can expect to enjoy the most modern facilities, plus contact with eminent academics, and the findings of cutting edge research.

That's because it belongs to the Russell Group: a collective of top Universities in the UK who are committed to research-led multidisciplinary learning.

You will also benefit from the University of Southampton's close relationships with leading hospitals trusts. Plus, you will be based at the Centre of Leadership and Innovation, which was created especially for higher level activities.

If you would like to discover more information about the MSc public health masters degree from the University of Southampton, all you need to do is log onto the Health Sciences website at

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