How Rich Would You Be If You Joined Micro-soft In Its Beginning

I was really excited as I pondered the launch of The Hemp Network., myself along with others believe this hemp online marketing business is going to be large and in charge as they live up to their slogan, " promote hemp, make money and save the planet". Besides being the newest apple of marijuana Inc's eye or their latest branch off division The Hemp Network is also the first publicly traded company in history that will be offering merchandise and solutions to the medical marijuana industry using the greatest marketing platform in our time; The Network Marketing Vehicle.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC: MJNA), an Oregon Corporation, was founded in March 2009 for the purpose of providing advanced business solutions to the rapidly expanding Medical Marijuana industry.

A few marketing visionaries saw the need for a distribution vehicle or channel which came about as a direct result of all of the new hemp based products springing up in the market in the last few years, there has also been little popularity explosions being detonated all over the world, this has been a very rapid pace for the hemp products, as we tip toe our way through the hemp product mine fields and look forward to being apart of history we can rest assure that As far as being in the right place at the right time, the hemp network is ready for business.

The President of The Hemp Network Don Steinberg remarked that as far as being well rounded and successful in running and managing a worldwide MLM, he and CEO Bruce Perlowin have produced well over 125,000 successful marketers in 50 countries.

As far as this company stepping across mine fields as I referenced above, what I was saying is that the world needs a fresh education regarding hemp and it's hundreds if not thousands of uses that have nothing to do with getting high; with that being said, they have embarked upon an entirely new way of promoting hemp products that had its many problems and hindrances like in the past, if you want to know more of what it has taken as far as Blood, Sweat, Tears and the pure fighting spirit of Americans and it's right to freedom then stay posted because the hemp network will also be educating the public around the world on all of these issues being that they partnered with a team of Doctors, Immunologists and world renowned Nutritionists to help them along in this newly exploding and booming industry, also they have helped the company finish the layout of their product division to be launching very soon.

Thanks to the finely tuned skills of some very expierenced internet marketers who have already joined forces with the company who have used their expertise to provide hundreds of website templates to support this new company launch¸ also Alexa has rated The Hemp Networks personal website in the top 2% after only two months, that in itself is very powerful along with the fact that their exclusive MLM software is almost complete along with a pay plan that is said to be of the caliber that will change the game and level the financial playing field. The CEO Bruce Perlowin stated recently that "to be involved in the first hemp network marketing company in history that has an already existing culture of many, many movements who are literally on fire and calling the hemp revolution irresistible. The hemp enthusiast represent The Medical Marijuana movement, The Marijuana Legalization Movement, The Hemp movement itself also the health, wellness and anti-aging movement and last but not least The Environment movement and The Green Movement; these very diverse existing cultural creative movements hail the wonders of hemp products in multiple areas and are extremely motivated in a natural way and are unique individuals who are as ready as a ripe fruit from a potent tree to participate in The Hemp Network".

By: Brandy Johnson