4 Ways To Eliminate Stress - Wellness Coach

At times we just can't avoid stress, when life situations come at us, there it is, staring us in the face. Situations like to loose a job, being lay off from a job, divorce, physical or mental challenge of a family member, floods, tornadoes, wildfires and the list can go on and on; during these times we need tools and functions we can do to diminish and control the stress so that it doesn't control our lives.

Basically all of the things to do to relieve stress are to take action, be active, get moving, not just busy and running away from the situation, but actively productive to improve your mental, physical, spiritual self. The first thing that comes to mind is a walk and to see how many things you can see that you are grateful for and that are also natures wonders; when you are being observant of your surroundings you can't be on the "why me" wagon, your mind will be occupied with other thoughts. Also a walk you can do pretty much anywhere and anytime without much preparation or special equipment or any special clothing, just go out and walk, even if it is indoors in a mall, hotel grounds, hospital hallways or business complex.

Then there is yoga, there are all kinds of yoga and they all do about the same thing, they balance all of your systems by concentrating on your breath and body movement and they quite your mind. Yoga means to unite, so that means your mind, body and spirit unite into one, and even if you can't do the advanced poses you still get the benefits of yoga even as a beginner.

Some of the different yoga's that can be done for all aspects of people are: LAUGHING YOGA, this is where you do the poses and then laugh out loud, when you laugh you release endorphins, which create a lighter mood and releases stress, if you can find a friend to do this with, the laughing becomes infectious and you just start giggling, which is so healing as laughing can heal many things in your body, just a daily dose of laughter will chase the blues away. CHAIR YOGA: this is perfect for people with challenges with balance or other conditions in the body, and there are CD's and DVD's on the poses for chair yoga and possibly the YMCA or senior centers will have classes.

Tai Chi is also a wonderful mind, body and soul connection practice, it is excellent for the body balancing and improves balance and coordination and once again you can find relief even at the beginners level. This relieves stress by watching the breath and keeping your thoughts on the moment, not thinking about how to deal with the situations that are lurking over your life.

Next is meditation and for people who have never tried this, it seems a little intimidating, but don't let it be, once again it is about breathe and allowing your mind to become still. I have a very easy and simple method that I started on, that I will share with you: Always do your meditation in the same spot/chair etc; prepare yourself so you will be in as quiet a space as possible without interruptions, I find early morning works best for me, you find your best time for you; then close your eyes with feet/arms not crossed, legs can be folded in front/under you if you like, and that isn't necessary; then start your deep breathing and mentally pay attention to it, breath in and then breath out, after you get a pattern and rhythm to your breathing; visualize a score board, like the ones at a basketball game, start at 16 and count backwards to 1, if an intervening thought comes to your mind start over again at 16, when you can get to 1 without any thoughts creeping in, you will be in a meditative state. It took me about a month of doing this daily to get from 16 to 1, so be patient with yourself, and just enjoy the journey, it really isn't the destination, it is the journey that is fun. I would set aside about 15 to 20 minutes to begin with, as it will take you awhile to get to the 16/1 state, you can set an alarm clock or radio to come on or any other type of timer so you will know when the time is up, when you get to the 16/1 state you will just know when your time is up. Enjoy!

Thought for the day: "Be where you are. That's an important part of living a centered life. When your life is in balance, your access to the optimal emotional state is easy and effortless."